London2Calais’ Key Aims:

  1. Assisting those in the Camp by bringing donations and solidarity: helping through food aid, through projects such as a generator for the school or a pump to remove stagnant water from the jungle area, by supporting Secours Catholique with clothing delivery days.
  2. Helping build a refugee solidarity movement in the UK by helping at demonstrations, organising summits, fighting racism in the UK, issuing statements and raising awareness about difficulties refugees face.
  3. Helping refugees claim asylum through existing legal frameworks by supporting law firms defending asylum claims.

Partners in Calais

We work with Secours Catholique and L’Auberge des Migrants.

Want to affiliate to us? Email londoncalaisconvoy@gmail.com

Keeping in Touch

Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for updates on the refugee crisis and our work to help the refugees at Calais.

Please read our FAQs before contacting us, as we have a hard time keeping up with all the messages.

Our email address is londoncalaisconvoy@gmail.com.


11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi there,

    I’m keen to get involved; happy to give time/help organise, whatever you need really. Live in Crystal Palace but happy to travel wherever. Let me know if you’d like my number. Can’t sit by any more, while all these people are suffering…


    • Hi Matt, thank you for your concern and support. The most useful thing volunteers can do at the moment is fundraise for us: our Indiegogo page is here: indiegogo.com/at/London2Calais. We have officially hit our target but we’re still very happy to take further donations to ensure that we can buy as much food and as many supplies for the refugees as possible. This is really valuable at this stage, since we have enough cars and drivers for the next convoy. If you can get to Calais for a rally on 19th September however, this would also be a really wonderful thing to show your solidarity with the refugees. Check here for more details: https://www.facebook.com/laubergedesmigrantsinternational?fref=ts.


  2. How can I help out I don’t work I’m a stay at home mom and have a 1 yr and 7 yr old. I have no income at the moment bit I really can sit here and do nothing. I know there must be something I can do to help out . Please let me know I really want to donate some canned food or clothing please get at me asap


    • Hi Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your support and your offers of help. We are overwhelmed by the number of responses we have received over the last few days! We are not taking small donations of food and soon will no longer be dealing with clothing – but please see the organisation CalAid, who distribute clothes at the camp, for more information on how to donate clothes directly.


  3. Hi!
    Sorry if this isn’t the most appropriate place to put this…
    I’d like to make a weekend trip out to see conditions for myself (due to political pressure and different reports), take photos, let other people know. However, I don’t want to go over alone. I live in the Midlands – would it be possible for me to go over with your group if I make my way down to London / Dover?
    Sorry and thank you!


  4. Hi,

    I want to do what I can to help, I can donate items no problem but I’d really like to do more and I’d like to go over to Calais and help in any way I can, be that distributing donations etc. I don’t drive myself, but would it be possible to come along with your organisation at any point and help?

    Many Thanks



  5. Hello

    You have emailed me inviting me to the convoy on Sunday the 13th December. When I messaged you previously I stated it was me and a friend who wanted to come in one car is that ok to do on the 13th? I have emailed you back my name is Yasamin and I emailed you of yasibassiri@hotmail.co.uk.

    As you haven’t given any additional details on the email can you please get back to me as I need to know ASAP. I wanted to also know if you need us to bring anything with us?

    Thank you so much


  6. Hello I really want to join you when you go next to calis please and if you can let me know the things you need I can start the collection and get all the things together from my town thank you really interested in going and helping as much as I can


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